If you are a traveler who likes to discover new places and to feel home there…

If you like to mingle with the locals and to get to know the character of each destination…

If you like to share your own experiences with people who are new in your city…

And if you remember after each trip the special moments and the people, you met on your way… you find yourself in the right place, because you already practice #beetripping.

Beetripper   is the place that connects all those who like to practice #beetripping, either as discoverer or inhabitant of a city.

With Beetripper   you find people from all over the world that open for you the doors to their cities, so you can live them authentic along with them by sharing their experience and knowledge of the place.

Each Beetripper owns his stamp of identity. Practicing #beetripping is choosing what fits best to you, letting yourself get carried away by each meeting, being inspired by each culture and surprised by foreign customs.

The real protagonists are the Beetrippers who cause that every meeting is something special and different.


To practice #beetripping, first of all you have to join the community and then you can connect with other Beetrippers.

Choose your destination, your interests, have a look at the Beetrippers and if you like contact them. Sign up with Beetripper and be part of a big community.

Profile of a Beetripper

Fill in your profile as complete as possible to enable other Beetrippers to assess your character and if you want to be a host, too, choose your hometown and share your experiences.

All Beetrippers possess a profile within the platform, merely with an public profile you will be referred to a city like a local Beetripper.

Connect with other Beetrippers and realise a reservation

You can send Beetrippers from any cities messages to get to know them, to organise your meeting and make concrete plans.

You can also filter your interests related to each destiny in order to find out the availability of the Beetrippers and their prices. Prices are quoted per hour, regardless of the number of people who take part in the tour with the Beetripper. It is recommended to mention the number of participants so that the local Beetripper is aware.

Payment of reservation

Payment is done by credit card (VISA / Mastercard) via MangoPay. The payment is completely safe. The transaction is carried out directly after the correct realization.

In case of any doubt read through the terms and conditions.

As soon as the reservation is made and accepted by the local Beetripper… congratulations, officially you practice #beetripping!

And for more transparency, don’t forget to rate the Beetripper after the realized tour.

The Beetrippers are committed to give foreign people an understanding of their city and to share it with Beetrippers from all over the world. To make the best choice, the platform is based on a number of aspects, such as the personal affinity, skills, knowledge and evaluations of each Beetripper.

The profile of a local Beetripper

The profile of a local Beetripper is public (it can be seen by any web visitor) and is always individual, as each person introduces his own identity.

It consists of a profile picture, cover picture, personal information and skills or knowledge (by categories, tags and languages).

In your profile you can also explain the various plans you offer in your city and add photos, infographics, etc…

The position of the Beetrippers in each city

Each profile of the local Beetrippers must be assigned to a single city and one main category. The categories are: History and Monuments, Arts & Entertainment, Gastronomy, Nightlife, Shopping and Nature Excursions. You choose what works best for you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t realize any plans to other categories, but you should choose a main category to define yourself as Beetripper. The sequence of the Beetrippers in every city and category is influenced by the opinions of travelers, the number of plans and the completeness of their profile.

Choose your price

Each local Beetripper can establish its own price per hour/tour from 3 to 30, in the desired currency, €/$/£.

It's up to you to set a price that seems to be fair regarding your knowledge about the city and matches your intention of being a Beetripper (make new friends, new experiences, learn about other cultures/ languages, offer visitors a complete service).

When setting your price consider that the platform receives a commission of 20%. So if you choose 10 €/$/pound, you get 8 €/$/pound.

Reservation and payment

If you have received a reservation from a Beetripper you can get into contact with him to confirm the tour and plan the perfect tour. In addition, you can look at his profile to get to know him a little better.

He will pay you per hour and irrespective of the number of participants. Despite this, it is beneficial for you to know how many people participate in the tour in order to adapt the plan.

Payment for the tour is completely safe. The money ends up directly at your Mangopay account, which you can transfer free of charge for 24 hours after completion of the service to your personal bank account.

If you have any doubts concerning the payment, read through the Terms and Conditions.

Once the reservation is made with date and time… congratulations, you're officially a Beetripper with experience!

And for more transparency don’t forget to evaluate the Beetripper after the realized tour.