What is Beetripper?

Beetripper is an online platform that connects people from all over the world so that traveler (Beetrippers) can get into contact with inhabitants (local Beetrippers) from all possible destinations, to realize there touristic activities.

Who can use?

Each adult person.

What for do you need my data?

All data collected by the platform is protected in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and will not be used for any other purpose, except for the operation of the platform itself.

Which data of my profile is public?

Only the local Beetrippers in the platform have public profiles. In addition, they only appear once your city is available in the platform. The fact that they are public means that every person who calls the site, registered or not, may see the profile. They can be found by using the search engine.

In the registration data appear public and private registrations. The private ones serve to verify the identity of the user. Only the company has access to these data.

The profile of Beetrippers who aren’t allocated to any city, only can see other users in the platform when there is an interaction between them (conversation or reservation). They can’t be found with the search engine.

I signed up as a local Beetripper, but I’m still not visible.

When someone signed up in the platform, he must validate this by confirming his identity in his email inbox (except login via Facebook). If your identity has been confirmed, but you’re still not visible it’s because of missing required personal data or your city is not yet available.

I want to be a local Beetripper, but my hometown is not available.

If your city is not available, sign up anyway and let us know the town where you want to be a Beetripper. When we believe that the availability of this city makes sense and other Beetrippers are for this, too, we will open the city. Don’t worry, it will be there soon.

Can I be a Beetripper in more than one city?

Being a local Beetripper allows you to be this in one city. If you move to another city, you can change this within the platform, too.

Can I be present in more than one category?

We from Beetripper want you to be a specialist in one of our categories, but this doesn’t mean that your plans and activities that you realize with the Beetrippers are not allowed to vary. Decide what defines you best and use the tags to underline this and the plans in which you describe the different activities.

How can I stand out as a member?

The top users are those that meet certain conditions, such as a complete profile, unique experiences and good reviews.

To complete your profile, add maps, pictures, labels, ... everything that defines you better.

I would like to unsubscribe from the platform.

There is the option to unsubscribe, so that your profile no longer appears, but you will be still registered in the platform. If you would like to unsubscribe finally, write an email to info@beetripper.com.

I have received a message from a Beetripper, what do I do?

If you have received a message from a Beetripper, then because he is interested in a tour with you. You can watch his profile, answer him to make plans and also make a reservation in order to realize a tour.

I sent a message to a local Beetripper, but didn’t receive any response.

If you are interested in a particular Beetripper and have not received a response you can contact us via our chat or e-mail and we will try to reach him.

How can I book a tour with a local Beetripper?

Each profile of a local Beetripper contains a button, which leads to his reservation with the price per hour. If you click this, you will enter the following page, which gives you an insight into important information for booking. Contact the Beetripper via messenger in order to clarify outstanding issues.

I like the plans suggested by some Beetripper members but I don’t know if they have enough knowledge. How can I verify the Beetrippers are knowledgeable?

Beetripper is based on trust, digital reputation and above all on personal affinity. You can see the rating and comments on any user. Also, you can send a message to ask whatever you want. If when you book you still have doubts, you can cancel or change the visit but only if you do it 24 hours in advance.

Can I cancel an experience or change it?

See in the Terms and Conditions page our cancellation policy.

How can I know if the other Beetripper members will come?

A Beetripper should wait for 15 minutes, if the contact doesn’t show then inform us. If you are the traveller we will refund the money without any cost. If you are the local Beetripper you will be paid anyway.