Beetripper, LC (hereinafter the Company) provides its service through the web page (hereinafter the Platform). The use of those services involves the previous acceptance, expressed and without exceptions of all the terms specified below.

Beetripper, LC reserves the right to modify all or part of those terms of use. In such case we will indicate the changes on this page along with the date of last revision.

Description of the service

The service is an online platform that connects people around the world so that travellers (Beetrippers) can get in touch with local citizens (local Beetrippers) in order to perform tourist activities in their destination. Both are platform users and accept the terms and conditions specified here.

Scope and reach

The Service is not available for use by persons under the age of 18.

The objective of the Service is to connect people with common interests to perform activities in a city, highlighting the knowledge of the local person and allowing the traveller to enjoy an original and authentic experience wherever he goes.

The users ACCEPT AND UNDERSTAND that the Company IS NOT AN AGENT OR PART in the agreements made between users. The contractual relationship of every booking is directly established between both of them. The Platform neither intervenes nor intermediates in that relationship, serving as a tool that connects people ready to offer and/or receive a specific service.

Obligations for registration

This account has a private element that contains personal data only the Company will have access to, this information will be kept strictly confidential and not be shared with a 3rd party or publicly. The data will be used to check the identity of the people who offer their services. The public page will be accessible by every user of the platform and allows them to give or receive the service provided.

During registration, the Beetripper agrees to comply with those terms and conditions; along with any tax and labour obligations, or any other kind of obligation; assuming exclusively the consequences resulted from its nonfulfillment.

The Beetripper will be responsible for the maintenance and privacy of their account and password. Also for the content and information. The company reserves the right to validate, modify or remove any content of the public profile judged inappropriate to the services provided on the platform.

The Beetripper will be exclusively responsible for the existence and truthfulness of the data and content published on the profile.

The Beetripper has to notify the Company in the event of theft or robbery of all or part of the account login details.

The Company reserves the right to invalidate the registrations and to refuse those moderators consider inappropriate to the services provided on the platform. The company will remove any user who violates the present terms and conditions or a Beetripper who undermines the operation of the community platform.

Required data

You can find below the required data to register:

  • Name and surname
  • Email
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth

Moreover, if you want to be a local Beetripper you have to write down the following data to get a public profile:

  • City where you work
  • Category

Booking with a Beetripper and payment of the service

Once a user wants to book a local Beetripper, they should fill a booking page which will show his personal data with the date of the tour with the Beetripper (day and hour), the number of people that will join the activity and the number of hours of the activity.

Depending on the number of hours and on the Beetripper selected, you will find on the booking page the amount to pay and a button to pay through the Mangopay platform.

Every local Beetripper sets a price in the currency of his choice among the available options, the user pays this amount and Mangopay will transfer the amount according to the exchange rate.

The payment will be executed through a credit card (VISA and MasterCard) without any extra charge, allowing the user to keep the data of his card on the Mangopay system (personal e-wallet) to avoid inputting during the next payment and to perform it only through the password the user chooses with Mangopay.

The payment transfer will happen 24hours after the date of reservation, in order to stop it in case of transgression of some points of CHANGES, CANCELLATIONS OR COMPLAINTS.

Payment of the service

The payment of the service will be made according to the amount published on the profile (amount and currency) by the number of hours of the tour. If the country of the local Beetripper has a different currency from the available options, the exchange rate will be applied during the transfer.

Every Beetripper has a personal e-wallet on Mangopay. Concerning the local Betrippers, their payment will appear on their e-wallet 24-48h after the reservation.

From this moment, the Beetripper will be able to transfer the money from Mangopay to his personal bank account without any extra charge.

The Company will receive a fee of 20% on the price indicated on the platform for management, marketing costs and for site maintenance of the platform. This fee is automatic for online payments, the Beetripper will receive in their e-wallet 80% of the price indicated on his profile.

Changes, cancellations or complaints

Users have until 24h prior to the booking time to CANCEL or ask for a CHANGE of characteristics of the reservation without any charges.

They have to notify the platform of the changes and they will not be charged. In both cases, the reservation will be cancelled and if they want to modify it (date, hours, beetripper selected…) they should make a new reservation.

After this time the other user should approve any change or cancellation and the Company does not commit itself to repay the Beetripper who paid.

You can report the other user in the following cases:

  • If he does not come to the meeting (each user does not have to wait for the other one more than 15 minutes).
  • If it is a different person than the one of the profile.
  • If the activity realized or the local Beetripper knowledge’s are different.
  • Any action of criminal nature. In that case we will provide local authorities with the identity of the person who commits it..

In case of complaints:

  • The Company will initiate an investigation on what happened.
  • The payment will be blocked until a decision is made.
  • If the decision is positive for the Beetripper who paid, he will not be charged.
  • The Company reserves the right to remove from the platform the user responsible for the reported act.

User and company responsibilities

The Beetripper has the following responsibilities:

  • To notify the Platform in case of changing or cancelling at least 24h before the meeting.
  • To have the same identity as the registered user.
  • To guarantee the truthfulness or legitimate use of the data provided on the Platform and on the content published on the profile.
  • To behave well during while the development of the service.

The Company reserves itself the right to suspend temporarily or permanently the account of those who fail those responsibilities.

The Beetripper takes full responsibility, punitive and legal, derived from any criminal action. The Company will provide local authorities with all the information it has on the user who commits such an act.

The Company will intend to supervise the truthfulness of the content published on the platform, even if it is not responsible. The users rating are important so that the community can regulate both users and the expected product quality.

In general, the Company will not take responsibility for: the loss of income or cost loss relating to the use, delay or unavailability of the Platform, the loss of customers or users reputation, errors in user information, service or products provided by users or any damages, losses or costs a user causes by its action, mistakes, breach, non-compliance, negligence, or malicious behaviour that are beyond our control.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the legal details of the platform.

  1. In accordance to the terms of the current legislation on data protection, Beetripper, comm. (consecutively the company) informs that the personal data of users, received or obtained through the web portal (consecutively the platform) is used by the company to fulfill the following purposes:

    • Management of the user’s registration process.
    • Verification of the identity of registered users.
    • Processing and management of publishment of information.
    • Management of fees and payments.
    • Facilitate contact between users.
    • Identify relevant advertising concerning the interests and preferences of users.
    • Inform the users, online and offline, about products or services offered on the platform.
    • Sending content and information requested by users.
    • Development of surveys, promotions and statistical studies.
    • Responses to inquiries, information, complaints and claims.

    In addition, the data of the users are used for the electronic transmission as for commercial communication, related to information that may be interesting for the users. If you don’t want to receive the commercials, write an email to with the subject "Data Protection".

  2. As soon as a user signs in and provides his data, such as an email address, mobile number or other electronic means of communication, he accepts and authorizes expressly, that these means of communication are preferably used as communication channels and also as a channel to communicate the user relevant changes regarding the platform.

  3. The company follows the ethical standards and respects your privacy. With the exception of the cases of transfer or transmission of your data, where required to by law, compliance with this Privacy Policy and/or special conditions of the products and/or services on the platform. We will not share your personal data without agreement.

  4. At various points in our website cookies are used. Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and recover information on the browsing habits of a user or of their computer and, depending on the information that they contain and the way in which you use your computer, they may be used to recognize the user. The company uses cookies to tailor their offers to the needs of users. Users can set their browser so that their consent before using a cookie must be obtained or the use of cookies is generally blocked. The service of society can also be used without cookies.

    Users have the ability to configure their browser so that they are informed about the reception of cookies in order to prevent their installation in the browser. Note the operating instructions of the browser for more information.

  5. We guarantee users that their personal information is updated true, accurate and complete. The users are the only ones who are responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that may arise as a result of breach of these obligations.

    In case that a user's data is provided to a third party, the third party must be informed of the aspects contained in the privacy policy and make it available. The user declares and guarantees the user that he has received the permission of the third party to provide its data to the company.

    At the same time, to ensure the quality and timeliness of the data, the user must inform the company of any changes that may occur in the provided information.

  6. The user has the right of access, correction, cancellation and contradiction of personal data. To this purpose, he has to send an e-mail with the subject "Ref. Data Protection Act" and a copy of ID to the management of the company.