Découvrez Antonio Pablo Herrero Sánchez

Découvrez ce qu'il aime et ce qui le passionne de sa ville

Antonio Pablo Herrero Sánchez


My name is Antonio Pablo, a spanish guy, degree in Tourism, specialy curious who loves traveling and languages. My life has been a big trip around the world. I got the opportunity to learn everything that each cultures could show me.
My curiosity led myself to Modrid, getting the most of this fabulous town, where I'm living now.
Chueca area arrived to my life when I found out my homosexuality, and today it is a essential part of me. Chueca is more than a neighborhood of Madrid. Chueca is my favorite corner of the city; It is my home.
This special home is what I'd like to share with all of you, everytihng I'm learning; secrets, history, anecdotes and stories, the great diversity. I am sure when you meet Chueca, it gonna be also your home.

Planes de Antonio Pablo

Having tapas in chueca
1 Gastronomie 3 heures 21 EUR
Let yourself be seduced by the gastronomy of Madrid in the best tapas bars of Chueca, having a great experience as your visit deserves. Discovering also the oringin of this Spanish tradition. Two ways to enjoy this tour are possible, I will addapt it to your preferences and your budget: Urban and Gourmet.
The chueca phenomenon: begining and history
0 Histoire et Monuments 2 heures 14 EUR
Inmerse yourself in the past heading to the present, in a tour made to know how Chueca became something unique in the world. Discovering every single corner and all of anecdotes of this special area which is, today, the gay quarter of Madrid.
Chueca's night
0 Vie nocturne 3 heures 21 EUR
Enjoy the night in Madrid and get the most. From the most popular gay bars to the most exclusive ones. Unleash your imagination and I will take care of the rest. Just choose your music, shows, kind of people and even your most hidden pleasures and I'll design the best tour for you. Don't miss it!
Dark route
2 Histoire et Monuments 3 heures 21 EUR
There are in Madrid secret coners that they are only known by some of us. Places where you can meet local guys in a historical point. An old gay practice still alive in most cities around the world. I can show you both sides, the historical one and the "dark" one. Are you ready?

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