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Porvenir, the splendor of the 29
6 Gastronomy 4 hours 28 EUR
El Porvenir is not in the historic city center and usually forgotten for travelers, although it belongs the park of Maria Luisa and the Plaza de España. Everything was built in the 29th Ibero-American Exposition and save the most beautiful petit-palaces in the city. It also saves old warehouse as Casa Palacio, newest bars and high quality restaurants. We can taste the essence of Seville neighborhood itself away from the tourist bustle, a walk for the park and several stops in Andalusian food bars or a good restaurant. Arriving the sunset, terraces of the park are filling by the beautiful people in town to have fun and dance with their Gin&Tonics drinks.
Arenal, in the shadow of the bullring
13 Gastronomy 3 hours 21 EUR
The torero neighborhood is bounded by Constitution Avenue on one side and the river Guadalquivir to the other, from the Torre del Oro to the bridge of Triana. There is every kind of Bars, from old warehouses that retain the essence, newer albacerías (tapas bars without kitchen) and modern bars, blending Andalusian cuisine with new trends. It is also a nightlife area of the city with clubs that from the evening are crowned. And we can find special places like terraces overlooking the Giralda or historical sites to take some dessert or cocktail.
Beers from the center
4 Gastronomy 3 hours 21 EUR
A walk through the center of Seville is a good excuse to enjoy better where the pulse is taken to the city: the bar of the bars. From the most popular bars, where we will mix with the traditional sevillian people: Casa Morales, Torres and Garcia, la Taverna ... to modern bars like Ovejas Negras, Messala Zelai where the new urban tribes go in.
Triana, the new food marketplace"
3 Gastronomy 3 hours 21 EUR
Go to Triana, across the river, it makes it look like you came from Seville. A walk down the calle Betis (from Faro to Rio Grande) other by San Jacinto (from the Blanca Paloma to the Golondrinas) and last down the calle Castilla (Casa Cuesta) offer traditional and modern places where locals get together with the tourists more "touristy" There are also two markets, one on each side of the Guadalquivir, the more traditional Triana where fish and shellfish are kings and the other in Seville where there are more modern tapas meeting the trendiest people
Food fest sevilla
4 Gastronomy 5 hours 0 EUR
Una vez al mes en el puerto de las delicias se unen comidas de todo el mundo en food trucks con música en directo y actividades para todos! Mola!
Seville food fest
13 Gastronomy 5 hours 0 EUR
Every month food trucks of the world come to a river duck bringing live music, activities and fun. A good place to be!

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